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* Extreme Vocal Training With Vocal Coach, Eli Prinsen *

* Build a Solid 4 Octave Vocal Range - Sing With Increased Power *

* Develop Vocal Quality and Control - Increase Stamina and Endurance *

* Easy To Follow  and Understand - Quick To The Point Explanations *

* Proven Techniques That Deliver The Results You're Looking For *

* Includes Spanish Translation PDF files *


 HVT- Master Series Expansion Program:
HVT - Classic Metal -  Vocal and Scream Modeling.

The HVT - Classic Metal - Vocal and Scream Modeling Program, is an ADD ON to the HVT - Master Series - Ultimate Vocal Training Program.

In this program, Eli will give you step by step instruction on how to use specific techniques to "decode" the signature sounds and signature high notes (classic metal screams) of many of the legendary metal vocalists from the 80's, making your tribute and cover performances sound much more like the original artist.

This program will greatly benefit the working vocalist who performs cover tunes and tribute performances.


          Eli Prinsen Singing:

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