Eli Prinsen's

Hybrid Vocal Technique



With Hybrid Vocal Technique You Can:

* Build a Solid 4 Octave Vocal Range - Sing With Increased Power *

* Develop Vocal Quality and Control - Increase Stamina and Endurance *

* Eliminate Your Vocal Break - Master Breathing - Belt Higher In Full Chest Voice *

* HVT Is Easy To Follow  and Understand - Has Quick To The Point Explanations *

* Uses Only Proven Techniques That Deliver The Results You're Looking For *


Meet Your New Vocal Coach, Eli Prinsen:

Not only is vocal coach, Eli Prinsen the founder of The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT), he's also the current lead vocalist of U.S. Christian Power Metal band: "The Sacrificed" and Eastern European Rock band: "Dream Patrol". Eli has also fronted and provided lead vocals for bands like: Sacred Warrior, Signum Regis, Deliverance, Aldaria, Sealed Fate and many others.

As an experienced singer himself, Eli intimately understands the many problems and vocal issues that professional vocalists can encounter on the road and in the studio, and how to fix them.

Eli has trained with some of the most respected voice teachers in the world, most notably, the late Al Koehn.  Al was trained by the late Maestro David Kyle and Dr. Robert Barr. Al taught many famous metal and power metal singers from the late 1980's including "Midnight" from Crimson Glory.

One of Al's life lessons to Eli was to "never, ever stop learning"!

So in the pursuit of even more range, power, flexibility and knowledge, Eli spent the past 30 years researching, studying and developing techniques that would enhance what he'd already learned in his previous training - both old and traditional, and new and experimental. What he has done with this plethora of knowledge is created a system of singing that dramatically expands the range of the full voice, giving a thick, full, powerful sound to the entire range. Because this system interchanges on modifies a number of vocal training disciplines such as Bel Canto, Modern and Traditional SLS, Scientific Method, Gan Tone JLB Fusion and many others, Eli calls his system: The Hybrid Vocal Technique (HVT).  HVT is the culmination of Eli's 30 year, personal vocal research and training journey.

Eli went from being a local cover band drummer who struggled to sing backing vocals -  to a professional lead vocalist with a 5 octave range. 


Eli Prinsen Singing Examples:

Student Testimonials

For years, I’ve dreamed of being able to sing in a higher range. I’ve watched numerous Youtube videos of singing tips, and tried them all. But it wasn’t until I purchased Eli’s program that everything was FINALLY explained to me in such a way that I was able to achieve GREAT results. This program is not a “learn to sing quickly” scam. In fact, it takes a tremendous amount of dedication and effort, working on each of the techniques and scales, in a diligent manner. But if you are willing to put in the time, and practice exactly how Eli recommends, you can and WILL achieve amazing results. I can now routinely hit a High D over middle C in FULL VOICE. Thank you ELI!!

Robb S.

Singer / Songwriter

Southern California

Hello Eli.

I bought your course about a year ago. And I wanted to give you some feedback. First; I have not been good at training at all, it can go weeks between every time I try some singing. So any progress I have experienced is not because of my dedication and effort, quite the contrary. And that is maybe the important key point here. I feel I have had an incredible effect from your course. Most of all because I think I understand what was holding me back.

In practical terms, I struggled with singing anything above G#. I could burst up to Bb, but not contain a note for long and certainly not sing a sentence. And that was independent on the technique I tried to use.

So, I started your course and experimented with a smooth transition to head voice. My chest voice range stretched quite quickly up to B and then with an effort I manage to sing in C now. And my head-voice is connected and can actually be used for some styles. I find this amazing.

Thanks and regards


Training with Eli was always a pleasure. Having trained with three well known teachers prior to him, I found him to be equally knowledgeable, but was far more fun and relaxing to train with. His creative use of examples, metaphors, and animal sounds is unmatched, and he goes out of his way to make things clear and understandable, even if it means being a tad silly. Eli is as supportive a teacher as you could find as well, and his feedback was always genuine, and he never held back when he liked the material I prepared for him. My confidence greatly increased from taking lessons with Eli, and he inspired me to bring music back to the forefront of my life. I cannot recommend a better teacher than him.

Adam R.